T-Star in early summer


Recently, in 2012 fourteenth China International Baking Exhibition and the fifteen China Bakery Exhibition in Shanghai, Guangzhou to carry out on schedule. Division I as in the past to the two baking industry event, and to show our good mental outlook and high product quality level. In the scene, customers of the Division I in the past few years the healthy development to give a fair evaluation, and to future cooperation put forward many suggestions.

In recent years, Division I attach great importance to the internal construction, including product style diversity, all levels of employees training expertise and capacity expansion.In product design, Division I constantly enrich the development of all types of mold, so that the product can be more close to the market demand, in order to ensure quality under the premise we have lots of developed a variety of styles of mold, so customers can die from the existing in the selection of suitable size, thus saving a lot of production costs.

On weekdays, the company has organized several professional knowledge training, such as the workshop staff self-checking ability training, marketing center all staff on product knowledge of cognitive ability and communication skill training and the foreign etiquette management in management knowledge training, after the training, the company employees will be more active give full play to one's intelligence, and power groups, to T-star beautiful blueprint add details of a story